Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Change is good, right?

Having worked in a toll booth through grad school, I have a problem with the way people hand others money that contains both bills and coins. I've seen several different methods:

1. There's the place the coins on the president's face of the bill and then fold the bill over the coins into a little package. Just asking for disaster and then the bill is wrinkled and has to be unfolded.

2. There's the hold the bill on top of the coins and then during the hand off try to slip the coins into the receiver's hands. It is impossible to see the coins and is just asking for them to fall on the ground.

3. There's the hold the bills in your palm and holding the coins with the forefinger and thumb. This usually results in shoving the bills into someone's hand and forcing the coins into the receiver's hand. This results in the receiver having to delicately pull the bill out from under the coins in his hand to count the money.

4. There's the wad everything into a ball in your hand and holding a fist out in front of you. How is anyone supposed to grab something that you are letting go of from fist. Just plain stupid.

5. My preferred method is to give the coins and then the bills in two separate movements. This allows the person receiving the money to count the coins and then accept the bills. The order is the bills and then the coins often results in having to say "I've got the 11 cents.".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

repair it, clean it out, or cut it off

My right knee has been sore for over a week. The MRI last Wednesday produced some amazing images of the internal workings of my knee. The unfortunate thing is I have not idea how to read the images and won't know until I see the Dr again on Thursday.

Something has to be done...the pain is nearing unbearable. Hence, repair it, clean it out, or cut it off. Either way, I have to be fully recovered by the summer so that I am mobile when Emiley and I welcome our first child (September 18th +/-). I can't be on crutches or unable to bend/straighten. I hate to wish time away but can't wait until Thursday to find out what's next.


Welcome to my blog. For the longest time, I was against blogging because my experiences were focused around anonymous comments at the end of newspaper articles. If you're going to comment, have the courtesy to provide a name. Lately, I've started following some local blogs and have read several articles about how blogging is influencing how people obtain/share information.

It's like public agencies using Facebook or other social networking sites. Sure, there's some risk of abuse but I think the benefit of reaching more people is worth the risk.

I'm hoping to continue with posts that will share experiences, invoke thought, maybe make us laugh and selfishly promote Capital Coexist, a localized bicycle education campaign