Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good things come....

A lot of good things today; things that friends are doing trying to help others and make this scary world we live in better.

As work was winding down and I was checking scouring Facebook, an old high school friend had a post about an upcoming bike ride that her and her husband were participating in. The ride benefits Roswell Cancer Institute...a near and dear establishment that holds a special place in my 34 year history. Jonelle is doing the 20 mile route and her fund raising page is http://giving.roswellpark.org/Page.aspx?pid=614&frsid=21917 for anyone that would like to make a donation. Does it get better than cycling and trying to cure cancer in a single event?

A second person that you have to admire for doing something for the community is Justin Booth who is the man in charge (think Director is his official title) of Green Options Buffalo. The mission of GO Buffalo is to create livable, sustainable, community friendly transportation for the Greater Buffalo area. Notably, Justin has somehow worked it so local breweries are selling Rusty Chain beer and the proceeds help support the cause/community. Being able to socially have a drink and be doing something good is an awesome outreach example. Justin and I work together a lot on bicycle and pedestrian issues and it's great to see someone actually getting things done.

There were also interestingly surprisingly positive discussions at the office today. This doesn't happen everyday, especially with this particular group so it was encouraging (slightly) to have some support for our proposed changes in the use of technology.

Outreach for Capital Coexist is expanding. We've got posters and palm cards that we're giving out for free that highlight the 4 cyclist/motorist education messages. I'm also going to try my hand at some sort of Capital Coexist podcast...wish me luck!

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