Saturday, June 19, 2010

Isn't Technology Great?

Isn't it great to be connected? We've got Facebook, Twitter, texting (except Kelly and Rob), Blackberry Messenger, email, IMing, and blogs. I don't IM and I haven't advanced to Twitter yet, but the rest are a part of my daily life. My Blackberry is constantly flashing indicating MY Yahoo and Gmail messages along with Capital Coexist emails.

There has been desire interest an inkling to increase our technology use at the office to improve our public outreach and public input opportunities. This is great!. The keynote speaker at the 2010 MPO Conference in Syracuse gave a great presentation on the differences complexities of the different generations. It really kept our interest and rejuvenated many of us with the idea that...CDTC can be doing more. It's going to be an internal fight against the tech-scared and those that are overly comfortable with the status-quo. Better buy stock in Advil because new technology will not happen without a few headaches.

Interestingly enough, these discussions at work and my multi-layer connectedness, have created a HUGE desire for a tech-free weekend (at least). Emiley and I are going away in July to New Hampshire as our final getaway before Baby Purvis arrives. I'm so looking forward to turning off the BB and not really caring about reading what everyone had for breakfast or who's husband/wife did something stupid (again). I'm looking forward to a REAL book with a binding and pages that I can fold and the sunrise/sunset. The only technology I will embrace is my camera which has to be feeling lonely lately as it hasn't been out in public for quite a while.

I've also been talking (a lot) about our January 2011 trip to Hawaii with K&R. We'll have our laptops with us to upload photos periodically because Hawaii can result in 100's of photos per day and I'm not interested in having to *work* when I get home in getting photos uploaded....much rather do it sitting by the pool or at one of the lagoons each afternoon. Kelly agreed to give up FB for the week if Rob would give up cable TV. Personally, I'm taking both challenges (and turning the BB off) for the week on Oahu and I WILL succeed. Bring on the paperbacks and maybe a magazine or two for the 9.5 hr flight. I might even refuse to take the elevator when I'm not pushing the stroller.

Technology is great and it's wonderful to be connected but enough's enough!

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